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74 Years of IH in Chicago

Upcoming Event - October 31 at the Morton Arboretum.
Morning half-day PDC on Ergonomics. Registration is now open - click here to register today!.

Each year the Chicago Local Section provides scholarship funds to regional universities with IH/EHS programs so that students may attend AIHce. This year funds were provided to UIC, NIU, ISU, and Purdue to send students to San Antonio, TX.
Read thank-you notes from 4 students at ISU to understand the positive impact on IH students that our Local Section provides.
Brandon Jeralds | Heather Harrison | Jen Stewart | Maisie Swanson

On 6/5/14, Senate Bill 3287 was signed into Law by Gov. Quinn. This new Law effectively increases the reach of Workman's Compensation liability to all occupational health and safety professionals working at any IL facility. The actual ramifications are still a still unclear, however we find it prudent to relay this important information to you. Download the following documents for more information: Doc1, Doc2, Doc3, Doc4, Doc5, Doc6, Doc7.

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